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May 11, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/572 Assiging the Lookafter charge of the post of Finance Officer (Budget-II)
May 07, 2020 CDA-DA(1378)(GWL)/2020/278 Verification of documents w.r.t. General waiting list for Government accommodation
May 06, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-HRD/88/Sec-I/562 Assiging the charge of the post of Deputy Director Finance-I
May 06, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/568 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
May 06, 2020 CDA-07(01)-HRD-III/2020/241 Notification
May 05, 2020 CDA-5(355)HRD-I/2017/ Denotification orders of 43 Officers
Apr 22, 2020 E-Office - User Manual and FAQs
Apr 22, 2020 CDA/IT/170/2017/457 E-Office - User Creation Performa
Apr 21, 2020 CDA-3(1)(159)-HRD/2014/Sec-II/532 Final seniority list of Photographer (Bs-16) Still Photographer (Bs-16)& video Cameraman (Bs-16)
Apr 17, 2020 CDA/M(Engg)/2020/2458 Notification
Apr 15, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/514 Repatriation of Mr. Sahibzada Akhlaq Ahmed, Junior Engineer (civil) Topographic & Mapping Division Wapda House Peshawar in CDA Islamabad on Deputation basis
Apr 15, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/512 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Apr 15, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/513 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Apr 14, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/511 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Apr 13, 2020 CDA-4(1)(29)-Pers/95/Sec-I/502 No Objection to carry out business/ Job during LPR
Apr 13, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/503 Posting /Transfer of Officers
Apr 13, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/95/Sec-II/504 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Apr 07, 2020 CDA-4(1)(5)-HRD/2020/Sec-I/499 Taking the services of Mr. Muhammad Qasim Chatta (BS-19) Officer of Pakistan Audit & Accounts services (PA&AS), on the strength of CDA against the Post of Deputy Financial Advisor-I (Bs-19)
Mar 31, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/496 Shifting/ Transfer of a Post of Deputy Director General (BS_19), Executive Cadre
Mar 25, 2020 CDA-4(1)(15)-Pers/87/Sec-I/495 Assiiging the Look after charge of the Post of Member Engineering CDA