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Oct 14, 2020 CDA-8(12)HRD/Sec-III/2020/673 Promotion case of Sub-Assistants (BP_14) to the post of Senior Assistants (BS_16) Non-Gazzetted, Executive cadre
Oct 08, 2020 CDA-1(2)-HRD/90/Sec-II/1181 Draft seniority list of Private Secretary (BS-18), CDA
Sep 29, 2020 CDA-1(2)-HRD/90/Sec-II/1104 Final Seniority list of Senior Auditor (BS-16), Finance, Audit & Accounts Cadre
Sep 28, 2020 CDA-8(14)-Pers/84/Sec-I/1100 Draft Seniority list of Associate Radiologist (BS-18), Medical & Health cadre
Sep 25, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/092 Posting / Transfer of Officers
Sep 25, 2020 CDA-8(1)-HRD/Sec-IV/2020/615 Final seniority list of Sub-Assistant / UDC
Sep 25, 2020 CDA-8(3)-HRD/Sec-V/2020/618 CIRCULAR-Transparency on Seniority list of Officials of CDA / MCI
Sep 25, 2020 CDA-7(01)HRD-III/2020/654 Counting of previous contract/ Daily wages service of CDA Employees of BPS-16 and above (Officers/Officials) only for allotment of residential plots benefits
Sep 24, 2020 CDA-4(1)(159)-HRD/2020/Sec-II/1090 Temporary Attchment of Staff with Directorate of Building control-II, CDA
Sep 22, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/1079 Posting / Transfer of Officers
Sep 22, 2020 CDA-4(1)(369)-HRD/2018/Sec-II/1071 Repatriation of Mr. Muhammad Iftikhar, 69/IP, Inspector Police, ICT Islamabad in CDA Islamabad
Sep 21, 2020 CDA-8(14)-Pers/84/Sec-I/1067 Draft seniority list of Associate Anesthetist (BS-18) Medical & Health Cadre
Sep 21, 2020 CDA-4(1)(272)-HRD/2018/Sec-II/1075 Repatriation of Mrs. Anam Tariq, Town Planner, (Bs-17) Lahore Development Authority, Lahore
Sep 21, 2020 CDA-7(01)HRD-III/2020/636 Placing the both degree verification cell under a single cell under the supervision of Secretary CDA Board
Sep 18, 2020 CDA-4(1)(159)-HRD/2014/Sec-II/060 Monitoring Officers for Polio Campaign held with effect from 21st to 25th September, 2020 at Directorate of health services
Sep 17, 2020 CDA-4(1)(6)-Pers/88/Sec-I/1053 Looking after the work of the Post of Executive Director, Capital Hospital, CDA
Sep 16, 2020 CDA-PLW-Admin-(H.S)/2020/505 Taken on Strength of Naib Tehsildar agianst the Vacant Post of Tehsildar on his Own Pay & Scale
Sep 16, 2020 CDA-4(2)(28)-Pers/2001/Sec-II/1035 Taken on the strength of Mr. Azmat Hayat against the Post of Audit / Accounts Officer (Bs-18) Finance, Audit & Accounts cadre
Sep 16, 2020 CDA-4(2)(34)-HRD/2008/Sec-I/1034 Taken on the strength of Mr. Mehmood ul Hassan against the Post of Assistant Director civil (Bs-17) engineering cadre
Sep 16, 2020 CDA/PLW-Admin-H.S/2020/505 Taken on strength of Naib Tehsildar against the Vacant Post of Tehsildar on his Own Pay & Scale