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Aug 07, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Per/95/Sec-I/1602 Posting/ Transfer of Officer
Aug 03, 2017 CDA-5(287)HRD-I/2016/1970 Exoneration Order of following officers
Aug 02, 2017 CDA-8(5)HRD/Sec-IV/2017/926 Request for permanent pool of human resource for case response polio campaign from 7th to 10th august 2017
Aug 02, 2017 CDA-4(2)(109)-HRD/2011/Sec-II/1587 Relieving from Service-Mr Fakhar ud Din, Divisional Audit Officer
Aug 02, 2017 CDA/FW(G)-44(28)(G.P.F)/2017/03 Uniform rates of subscription towards General Provident Fund
Aug 01, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/95/Sec-I/1586 Posting/Transfer of Officers
Jul 31, 2017 CDA-5(347)HRD-I/2017/1951 Exoneration order of Dr Zulfiqar Ali, Nephrologist
Jul 28, 2017 CDA-8(5)HRD(P.T)/Sec-IV/2017/836 Posting/Transfer of Naib Qasids
Jul 28, 2017 CDA/DM/MD-I/R(P)(12)/201/1424 Posting/ Transfer of UDC
Jul 28, 2017 CDA-5(217)HRD-I/2015/1947 Exoneration Order of following Officers/Officials of Enforcement Directorate
Jul 26, 2017 CDA-8(1)HRD/Sec-IV/2017/827 Posting/ Transfer of Staff
Jul 26, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/95/Sec-l/1567 Posting/Transfer of Officers
Jul 25, 2017 CDA-07(01)HRD-III/Sec-VI/2017/4335 Adjustment of work load and renaming of vacant/redundant posts in CDA
Jul 25, 2017 CDA-5(269)HRD-I/2016/1912 Re-Instatement in Service (Mr. Noor Akhmat - Sr. Assistant)
Jul 24, 2017 CDA-5(326/HRD-I/2016/1906 Imposition of minor penalty-Stoppage of 02-increment for a period of 02-years
Jul 21, 2017 CDA-8(1)-HRD/Sec-IV/2017/789 De-Attachment of Security Guards
Jul 21, 2017 No. CDA-DA-(1298)(GWL)/2017/ General Waiting List for Government Accommodation
Jul 20, 2017 CDA-4(1)(6)-HRD/2014/Sec-II/1573 Extension of Deputation Period-Deputy Commissioner
Jul 19, 2017 CDA-5(1)HRD-I/2017/1881 Explanation (bio-metric based attendance)
Jul 19, 2017 CDA-8(1)/HRD/Sec-IV/2017/775 Promotion of Fire Control Supervisor (Bps-11) to the post of Fire Instructor (Bps-12)