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Nov 17, 2017 CDA-8(1)-HRD/Sec-IV/2017/1308 De-attachment of Staff
Nov 13, 2017 CDA-8(01)HRD/Sec-IV/2017/1296 Temporary attachment of CDA/ MCI employees for Polio teams for NID-5 polio campaign from 15th Nov-2017 to 23rd Nov-2017
Nov 13, 2017 CDA-4(1)(159)HRD/2014/Sec-II/2169 Temporary attachment of CDA Officers to Monitor the Polio campaign activities w.e.f 20th to 23rd November 2017
Nov 10, 2017 CDA-5(305)HRD-I/2016/2693 Reinstatement in service/ Release of Salaries
Nov 06, 2017 CDA-1(2)Pers/90/Sec-I/2152 Distribution of work amongst the Deputy Directors of HRD Directorate
Nov 06, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/2151 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Nov 01, 2017 CDA-7(01)HRD-III/VI/2017/4661 Engagement of staff as daily paid labor (D.P.L) / Muster roll
Nov 01, 2017 CDA-7(01)HRD-III/VI/2017/4660 Appointment against the Vacant posts by regularizing contract/ daily wages employees of the authority
Oct 30, 2017 CDA/IT/056/2017/1214 Enrollment of Employees for Biometric Attendance System
Oct 30, 2017 CDA-8(01)HRD/Sec-IV/2017/1270 De-attachment of staff
Oct 30, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/2071 Nomination as Focal Person
Oct 30, 2017 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/2070 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Oct 27, 2017 CDA-4(2)(118)Pers/2004/Sec-I/2067 Lookafter the work of the post of Deputy Director (II) HRD Directorate
Oct 27, 2017 CDA-7(01)HRD-III/VI/2017/4647 Adjustment of work load and re-naming of vacant/ redundant posts in CDA
Oct 26, 2017 CDA-8(3)HBA/Cor/Sec-V/2017/1261 Grant of House building Advance to Earthquake affectees of CDA
Oct 25, 2017 CDA-3(1)(7)-Pers/88/Sec-I/2057 Promotion of Medical Officers/ Registrar/ Assistant Anesthetist from (Bs-17) to (Bs-18) Against 40% Quota in Medical & health cadre
Oct 24, 2017 CDA-8(5)-HRD/Sec-IV/2017/1252 Request for permanent pool of human resource for SIND-4 polio campaign from 30 October to 2 November, 2017
Oct 23, 2017 CDA-4(1)(159)-HRD/2014/Sec-II/2049 Posting/ Transfer of Officer
Oct 23, 2017 CDA-4(1)(9)-HRD/2012/Sec-II/2045 Assigning the Current Charge of the Higher Post of Associate Dermatologist (Bs-18), Capital Hospital
Oct 23, 2017 CDA-4(1)(159)-HRD/2014/Sec-II/2050 Temporary attachment of CDA Officers to monitor the Polio campaign activities w.e.f 30 October to 2 November 2017