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Islamabad Trails

There are very few capital cities in the world that are blessed with such close proximity to nature as Islamabad. The Greek  There are very few capital cities in the world that are blessed which is now the Margalla Hills National Park.

The Capital Development Authority  has developed walking trails in the eastern part of the National Park, opposite the F/6 and F/5 sectors. Driving past the zoo and the Japanese children's park, the first is a walking track which lies below. Saidpur village and encircles a cricket ground. The second track is in the adjacent valley, is known as Trail 3, and is Islamabad's most popular mountain walk.  Trail 3; has its own parking lot to accommodate nearly a hundred cars and ascends over 600 meters up to the Monal restaurant and Gokina Chauki on the Pir Sohawa road.

The third and the  newest development is called Trail 5. This trail lies in the Darra Jangla valley, a half kilometer beyond Trail 3 and is one of the most wooded and quiet valley in the National Park. The visitor facilities in this valley are located at the entrance of the valley and include a medium sized car park, a large forest nursery to raise indigenous plants, a visitor  information and education center, picnic areas, and a campsite.  The first half of Trail 5 is a very gradual ascent of about 3 km.  This easy walk terminates at a fresh water spring, following which the remaining two kilometers of the trail steeply ascends to the head of the valley and the Pir Sohawa road, about 400 meters above. From the spring a sub trail turns left to rise about 300 meters to join the Trail 3 in the adjacent valley.

Short of the spring on the right another sub trail rises sharply to the top of the ridge and descends into the adjacent Ratta Hotar valley.


Leave everything as you find it - including branches. Take your litter away and dispose of it appropriately. Camping is not permitted within the park except in designated areas. Do not light fires within the Park. Barbeques are allowed in designated places only. Leave animals alone, observe them only. Leave your pets at home - pets are not permitted in the Park. Please leave plants (including firewood), saws, firearms and other potential weapons outside the Park.


Contact Person: Rana Tahir, Director Forests
Mob: 03335353896